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Nystad Sauna Company started from Tanja’s dream to create something new and beautiful inspired by Finnish nature and sauna. Tanja lives in Uusikaupunki by the sea and she is a true sauna enthusiast. Her joyful and energetic personality soon gathered us three other women to innovate with her. Together we want to spread the feeling of Finnish summer nature to sauna enthusiasts all over the world and all year around.

In Finland we value the natural raw beauty of things and this is what we value in our products also. Sauna is one essential way for us Finnish people to stay clean, healthy and beautiful. It’s also a way to relax the body and mind from the stresses of modern life. And it’s our answer to the question when something great happens: “How do we celebrate this?” Let’s go to sauna!

Inspiring Finland - Nystad Sauna Company
Tanja, Anu, Kati & Eva

Tanja Harilainen

+358 50 9182 718

Anu Kuikka

+358 40 4820 577

Kati Vuorento

+358 41 5387 368

Eva Liukkonen


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