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What is Nystad Sauna Company?

Nystad Sauna Company was born from our dream to create something new and natural for all our fellow sauna enthusiasts of the world. We want you to enjoy with us the unique ambiance of a Finnish summer forest with its vitamin rich well-being effects.

We believe that... a little piece of Finnish nature can help you to get the best out of your sauna and bath experience. This is why we've created our 100% natural and chemical free Sauna Scents and Forest Baths from Finnish ground birch leaves and herbs for you. We value an excellent client experience, ecological materials, ethical procedures and giving back to the community. Pure luxury, with a pure conscience!

"The scent of a genuine birch whisk without the need for cleaning after"

"Oh, can I drink this because it smells so good? Summer came to sauna!"

"Birch & Lavender is truly a match made in heaven!"

"I just love the Birch & Mint. It's not
too strong for a scent sensitive."

How to use our sauna scent?

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