How to use our sauna scent:

When heating your sauna, put the sachet into a sauna bowl and add hot water to fill the bowl. Allow the sachet to infuse in the bowl until the sauna has heated or around 20 min. In our experience the sauna scent works best at a moderate heat, about 75 °C. Pour a cup of water or so on the stove at regular intervals and relax.

Please make sure that you pour only water on the stove, not the sachet itself. Store the package always at room temperature, not in the sauna. You can let the sachet be infused during your sauna and add water into the sauna bowl when needed or you can remove the sachet when it's infused enough.

You can reuse the sachet at least one time. In this case, just squeeze it gently and lift it to dry in room temperature after use. Since this is a 100 % natural product made with genuine ground leaves, make sure that the sachet doesn't drip on your surfaces. To prevent any possible tinting of light and delicate surfaces in longer contact, rinse also the sauna and bathroom surfaces well if any water has been spilled. The product is not suitable for white sauna stoves or stones. The product is biodegradable and package can be recycled with paper and cardboard.

We wish you a pleasant sauna experience with our 100 % natural sauna scents.