About birch

Birch is the national tree of Finland. In Finnish language we don’t separate words into feminine and masculine. It’s all about equality here. However, in Finnish folklore the birch has been seen as something feminine and innocent.

Birch has always been a part of genuine Finnish sauna experience. The warmth of sauna and bathing deepens the good qualites of birch leaves. Making a birch whisk and using it in sauna is a summer experience that most of us Finnish people share. Whisking yourself with birch leaves is good for your skin and circulation. The saponins of birch leaves clean you naturally. Breathing the etheric oils of birch leaves makes you feel refreshed. It’s like enjoying the genuine Finnish summer nature, no matter where you really are. This is why we have created our natural sauna scents from dried ground birch leaves for you. Forests are said to be the green gold of Finland. This treasure we want to share with you through our sauna products.

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